Aesop UK Head Office, London, photographs by Ludger Paffrath.

dezeen watch store, stoke newington, London, photographer: Luke Hayes.
dezeen asked POST-OFFICE to design the ground floor of their stoke-newington building to house a watch shop, work desks and a meeting area.

artek 2nd cycle café
, clerkenwell, London, photographer: Nina Morris
POST-OFFICE was commisioned to design a cafe for Artek and Fernandez & Wells in september 2012. The result was a functional mix of Attek products and F&W's delicious food and coffee. The design scheme was based on children's block toys, thus creating a random pattern throughout the space.

offices ,shoreditch, london, photographer: David Giles
post-office was commissioned to design the new offices of touch. London's leading fashion photographic services. Digital retouching agencies need a minimal amount of light in order to correctly visualise the computer screens. This constraint usually makes retouching studios a dark environment. We took this challenge to heart as we wanted communal areas of the new touch offices to be bright and airy whilst providing low-light environments to facilitate the retouchers work. The new touch offices maximise the already generous amounts of space and light the warehouse space had to offer. The space owes its aesthetic and choice of materials to scandinavian classic modernism as well as 60's corporate american grandeur as well as the minimal art movement. The central retouching booths appear as minimal sculptures in a grand setting rather than individual work spaces. All of the retouching environments are lined in grey felt in order to offer a colour-neutral background for the retouchers while helping to noise-proof the open workspaces.

Orlebar Brown shop, Notting Hill, London, photography: James McDonald
Inspired by Julius Shulman’s Los Angeles photography and Ken Adams’ production design as well as Cesar Manrique's breathtaking resorts in Lanzarotte, the aesthetic is masculine, refined and minimal. Materials include lavastone tiles, mimicking the black sands of Manrique's timeless resorts, white cement boards in order to provide a subdued texture, whilst being the perfect backdrop for Orlebar Brown's colourful palette. The display units are made of bronze plated industrial scaffolding poles and keyclamps, reflecting the both the brand's strenght (industrial keyclamp) and its luxury (bronze plating). The surfaces (reception desk and display unit) are clad in vintage Aspendos stone (reminding one of a resort's ocean eroded stone cliffs).

Dezeen Offices, Stoke Newington, London photography: Edmund Sumner
Working with a compact space and budget, our brief was to turn an old dentist's surgery in Stoke Newington into a light, clean place in which the Dezeen staff could work and relax. The brief led us to develop solutions that were inexpensive and lo-tech, both designing custom items and adapting existing products from Philippe Malouin to suit the needs of the Dezeen office. Within the building, the upstairs-downstairs axis helped clearly delineate a work and relax programme; the ground floor acting as entrance and meeting space, the first floor a separate place of work.
Thematically, the two spaces required different approaches - upstairs was designed as a 'workshop', using untreated raw materials and an almost monochrome, muted colour palett. The walls and ceiling are clad in birch plywood, with all other structural surfaces painted white, including using a cost effective hard-wearing floor paint. The custom designed moveable desks utilise standard shop-bought timber for the frames and grey MDF desktops. Standard shelving uprights are integrated into the plywood wall to allow for an adaptable configuration of shelves, coat hooks and strip lighting.
The ground floor space was designed as a clutter-free, light-filled oasis, combining exuberant touches with the restrained raw material aesthetic established upstairs. The focus of the room is a custom built meeting table, also constructed from standard timber elements with a construction plywood tabletop, designed to hang objects such as magazines and the Philippe Malouin 'Hanger' chairs, which can be hooked onto the central bar or lifted off and unfolded for use. In addition, the clean gallery-like space serves as an ideal backdrop for the Dezeen Watch Store. The reflective gold curtain brings an unexpected touch of luxury and play, whilst enhancing the brightness and warmth of the large skylight overhead.
This project aimed to celebrate economical raw materials and create a space that was flexible, functional and enjoyable.